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French Hospital staff member delivers wigs to local cancer patients

Posted at 10:14 AM, Apr 26, 2020

A staff member at the French Hospital Medical Center in San Luis Obispo is helping local cancer patients feel more confidence as they move through treatment.

Bev Kirkhart, the director of the hospital's Hearst Cancer Resource Center, delivers wigs from the resource center's "Appearance Center" to cancer patients.

"Cancer doesn't stop because there is a pandemic," said Kirkhart. "If I can help someone feel better about themselves, especially now when they are not only dealing with a cancer diagnosis, but the fear of COVID-19, I am happy to do so."

Kirkhart said the Hearst Cancer Resource Center's mission is to care for their patients, especially during the pandemic.

A spokesperson for Dignity Health Central Coast said the delivery also eliminates any additional exposure for these at-risk patients traveling outside of their homes.

The goal of the Hearst Cancer Resource Center at French Hospital Medical Center is to help those with cancer learn about the disease, recognize opportunity for improved health, build a personal support system and gain a sense of an extended family at no cost, according to the spokesperson.

The "Appearance Center" within the resource center offers products and accessories — such as wigs, head coverings and skin products — to cancer patients undergoing treatment to build confidence, said the spokesperson.