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GALA replaces sign vandalized during pride month

Posted at 11:12 AM, Aug 10, 2021

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance of San Luis Obispo unveiled a new sign Monday.

The organization's sign in front of their Downtown SLO building was vandalized in June, during pride month.

GALA used an $8,000 donation from community members to also buy a new security system.

The sign cost 400 dollars, they are also going to use the money to buy new lights and do other improvements.

"People do rally around when there's something like this that happens it makes people think, oh wait you know we've heard this is a problem we've heard the LGBTQ+ community is marginalized, we've heard that things go on but to see it that is something else," said Michelle Call, Executive Director of GALA.

GALA is located at 1060 Palm Street in San Luis Obispo and is open to the public.