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Gas prices continue to hit new records on the Central Coast

Posted at 10:45 PM, May 18, 2022

Gas prices continue to hit new highs both nationwide and here at home.

The average price of gas is just above $6 per gallon in California, up 21 cents from a week ago.

Most drivers on the Central Coast are paying even more.

"$6.69 and this is the highest I've paid," said San Luis Obispo resident Shaun Martin.

Record-high gas prices are simply not letting up.

Wednesday's average for regular was at or above $6 a gallon in both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties

"I try to drive less now just to make the most out of what you got," said Martin. "When you have to put premium into it, makes it even tougher."

The high prices continue to have a ripple effect on just about everything, including businesses in the Pismo Beach Premium Outlets.

"Our shipping cost right now is what's hitting us. We're seeing about a 40% increase to ship out our goods to our locations," said Jesse White, Owner of Get Socked Up.

Some local business owners are taking a financial hit while trying to avoid passing on costs to customers.

"We are taking a bit of a hit when it comes to our profits," said White. "We definitely don't want our prices to go up and make it expensive for our locations, we're kind of known for everyone can shop at our stores."

After a brief, slight drop, gas prices are on the rise, yet again.

"They're going back up, I heard that San Luis had the highest gas prices ever and yeah, it's just crazy," said Martin.

Gas prices are above $5.50 a gallon in nearly all of California including areas that are normally much cheaper than the Central Coast.

According to GasBuddy, the cheapest price for regular gas in San Luis Obispo County is $5.60 gallon in Paso Robles.