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Governor Gavin Newsom calling for more aggressive stance on water conservation

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Posted at 10:48 PM, May 23, 2022

At a meeting with state water suppliers Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom called on local water suppliers to take a more aggressive stance on water conservation and encourage water conservation among community members due to the extreme drought.

The state could eventually have to enact mandatory restrictions if the localized approach to conserve water does not yield the intended results.

On Monday, Governor Newsom called on local water agencies to increase education and community conservation efforts. Some San Luis Obispo residents say they have already made changes to their lives in order to conserve resources.

Rob Sirota is building a house in Pismo Beach and has installed a lawn that won't require any water.

"Our lawn is about 50% pavers and the rest is artificial turf, and the dogs love it," said Rob Sirota, Soon to be Pismo Beach resident.

He says conserving resources was the goal of the layout.

"Probably the biggest thing is the conservation aspect of it and not having to pay a water bill," Sirota.

San Luis Obispo resident, Diane Jay, says she does her best to conserve water and energy through various practices such as not running the dishwasher or laundry machine during peak hours of 4-9pm.

"...I try to make sure that our loads are full so that we're not just running water where we don't need to. I try to make sure my plants only get watered once a week," said Jay,

She does what she can to make a difference and hopes others will follow her lead.

"We all need to pitch in and if everybody does a little we go a long way," said Jay.

The governor will meet again with the same water agencies in a few months to assess the progress.