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Grad weekend for Cal Poly: Class of 2022 is nearly 5,500 students

Posted at 1:01 PM, Jun 10, 2022

Over the weekend, thousands of Cal Poly undergrads and graduate students will receive their diplomas.

The commencement is split into six ceremonies for each of the university's colleges. On Saturday, ceremonies will be for the Colleges of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, Architecture and Engineering. On Sunday, students in the Colleges of Business, Science and Mathematics and Liberal Arts will graduate.

The graduation will take place at Spanos Stadium, though each ceremony will also be livestreamed.

Cal Poly officials say the class of 2022 includes nearly 5,500. 4,719 undergraduate and 773 graduate students are eligible to graduate, for a total of 5,492.

The largest graduating class is in the College of Engineering, with a total of 1,579 students. The college of Architecture is graduating the smallest total at 439 students.

Statistics released by Cal Poly showed that Business Administration was the most popular undergrad major across the Class of 2022, and the most popular concentration in the major was Financial Management.

Other popular undergrad majors were, in order: Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Psychology, Animal Science, Biological Sciences, Construction Management and Civil Engineering.

Civil and Environmental Engineering was the most popular graduate major at Cal Poly.

In a message sent out to graduating students on Friday, Cal Poly staff addressed heat expected for the weekend.

Graduates will be given water bottles and snacks, and guests can access "hydration stations" across Spanos Stadium. Graduates and guests can also bring unopened water bottles or an empty reusable bottle into the stadium for the ceremony.

Other food, drinks and containers are not allowed in the stadium, staff say.

More information about the graduation ceremony is available online.