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Grover Beach police warn community about counterfeit currency

Posted at 2:22 PM, Apr 22, 2020

Grover Beach police are warning community members to be cautious of counterfeit currency.

According to the Grover Beach Police Department's Facebook page, a man turned in a wad of $100 bills he found on his morning walk Wednesday. At about the same time, the police department said officers were dispatched to several other $100 bills blowing in the wind around Grand Avenue.

When police arrived and began collecting the bills, officials say they determined it was "funny money."

Officers say they collected all the bills they could find on the street, but it may be possible there are more bills blowing around the city.

"The bills are obvious counterfeit when handled and looked at, but every business should be aware to double-check all currency bills," said the police department.

The South County Chambers of Commerce say some of the bills have Asian markings on the back.

Officers say community members can call the police department's dispatch center at 805-473-4511 if they see any counterfeit bills and an officer will collect the money from them.