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Harbor District moves forward with plans to renovate Avila Beach Pier

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Posted at 7:21 PM, Nov 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-18 00:00:02-05

After five years of closure, repair plans for the Avila Beach Pier are finally up for discussion Tuesday night.

Since 2015, the pier has been closed due to structural issues.

"We will put gates up on the pier, so right now you can walk out to a little bit further than half of the pier and you would see a gate," explained Harbor Manager Andrea Lueker. "That is because the district is not comfortable based on the reports we have about the integrity of the pier from that point on for normal traffic."

The non-profit Friends of Avila Pier has been raising funds for the repair and renovation of the pier.

The president of the non-profit, Tom Swem, explains that the Board of Directors along with community members work as a public-private partnership with the port.

"The port would generate about $3.5 million through municipal grants and the Friends of Avila Pier would attempt to go to the community to fund the $1 million difference," he said.

The next step to getting repairs underway is at the board level.

"We will have a repair plan going before the board to look at and then we are in the midst of permitting for the repair work and then hopefully looking at 2021," Lueker said.

Residents were also feeling optimistic about the potential upgrade.

San Luis Obispo resident Tim Bailey believes the pier has been worn out over the years.

He explained that upgrading the pier would "be a really good idea and it will make it look a whole lot nicer for when things open back up post-COVID and we get more tourists into the area."

Local business owners and managers feel their business is not being affected by the pier closure.

Port San Luis District hopes to start renovations by next year.

If you would like to learn more about Friends of Avila Pier you can visit their website for more information.