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Harford Seafood Company opens new market in Avila Beach

Posted at 6:46 PM, May 25, 2022

Community members and visitors showed up at the Harford Seafood Company for its official grand opening Wednesday.

"We are really focused on quality, sustainable seafood and we are focused on working with the local fisherman," said Shaun Corrales, Harford Seafood Company Owner.

The new location features a variety of seafood options including crab, salmon, halibut and shrimp.

"So about 70% of what we carry, it comes here locally. It gets pulled right out of the water, comes right up and into our tanks," said Corrales.

The market uses the Monterey Bay sustainability rating system to determine who they purchase the seafood from and only buy from those who receive a green rating.

"We have live fish and we can actually pull it right out of the tank and we'll filet it for you," said Corrales.

Community members flooded the grand opening to see everything it has to offer and say they’re glad the market is showcasing local businesses and winemakers.

"So far it's great, it's awesome it's beautiful. I feel like it's revamping the area. Exactly what we needed here," said Courtney & Julien Asseo, Paso Robles residents.

The seafood company is filling some big shoes on the end of the Harford Pier. It's been years since the last seafood restaurant, the Olde Port Inn Restaurant, closed.

Paul Marshburn visited the area 8 years ago and tried the Olde Port Inn Restaurant before it closed.

"Today we came out after that long period of time to see if the old restaurant was still here and we found that it was closed but there's a new one opened in its place," said visitor Paul Marshburn.

Though sad to see the old restaurant closed Marshburn gave the market a try.

"It was good absolutely, yeah we had a good lunch," said Marshburn.

Members of the Harbor Commission also showed their support at the grand opening and say they are hopeful this new restaurant will allow community members to enjoy the pier in a new way.

"We want everyone to come on down and support them right now," said Mary Matakovich, Port San Luis Harbor Commission Vice President.

Harford Seafood Company is open Wednesday-Sunday from 11 am-6 pm.