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High surf and tides on the Central Coast

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Posted at 9:00 AM, Nov 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-06 12:00:19-04

Local surfers tell me the recent high tides and swells have created great conditions for surfing, something we don’t usually see this time of year.

"Really large surf right now," said surfer, Chris Wells.

Surfers and beachgoers on the Central Coast have noticed high surf along the coast in recent days.

"Yesterday and earlier today they were throwing up some huge spray," said Wells.

Crashing waves visible from the opposite side of the Morro Bay jetty made for a spectacular sight Friday.

"They were huge this morning. I live in Cayucos and so right by the pier they were very large," said Wells.

Locals say this particular area of Morro Bay is seeing higher surf than usual.

"Here it's flat most of the time only in the winter which is- normally we don't see it breaking yet," said Morro Bay resident, Mckenzie Stilts.

Out on the water surfers notice a change too.

"It's so fiery. Like six-foot waves," said Morro Bay Resident, Emma Weitzen.

Surfers in Morro Bay say that the waves are a lot bigger than usual and they've come just in time for the real surf season to begin this winter.

"But right now for serious surfers the storm season is really starting to kick in," said Wells.

KSBY News Chief Meteorologist Dave Hovde explains why beachgoers are seeing the unusual surf.

"The storm track to the north of us gets really active in the fall and winter so those waves get to be a lot larger," said KSBY News Chief Meteorologist, Dave Hovde.

It's a combination of recent events that are causing larger than normal waves and higher than normal tides.

"When you're talking about a wave event and then you're also putting in a full moon or nearly full moon event then the tides get big as well. So when you put the two together you can get kind of challenging conditions," said Hovde.

Though this high surf will taper off we will see things pick up again next week.

"There's another event coming up this Tuesday and Wednesday that's going to put a lot of energy into the water again," said Hovde.

He says we could see waves that are up to 7 to 10 feet or higher next week depending on the storm track.