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Homeless pitch tents outside San Luis Obispo City Hall in protest

Posted at 6:19 PM, Mar 21, 2023

Tents covered the grass area in front of San Luis Obispo City Hall on Monday, March 21, 2023, in hopes of getting the attention of the city attorney.

Becky Jorgeson, founder and president of Hope’s Village, bought brand new tents for the homeless people camped outside of City Hall.

“We’re trying to shine a big light on the fact that City Hall is not helping us, and in particular, the city attorney,” Jorgeson said.

She said she wants the community to be aware of the hardships that homeless people have been facing on the streets.

A city spokesperson said that members of the city's outreach team stopped by and offered bus passes to 40 Prado Homeless Services Center to the individuals camped there.

She said that the 40 Prado Center opened a warming center and was ready to shelter them, and the tents were gone sometime in the afternoon without incident.