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Hot days on the Central Coast drive business

Morro Bay sunset
Posted at 4:16 AM, Apr 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-08 07:16:07-04

Thursday was hot for many on the Central Coast, driving people toward the beaches for some relief from the heat.

In Morro Bay, Sub Sea tours are off to a good start this season.

"This year the humpback whales came in early, we've been seeing the humpback whales about 3 miles out to the northwest here every day for about a month," said Kevin Winfield of Sub Sea Tours.

Offering multiple opportunities for people to get out on the water, business is booming this week.

"We've been seeing the whales every day on the Mighty Freedom. We're seeing the fish on the little Sub Sea Tour around here and ya know we've got the kayaks and canoes to go paddle around and have some fun," said Winfield.

The warm temperatures combined with an early whale watching season drove business early this week.

"Yesterday we were busy, today we were kind of slower. So maybe the first day of warm weather everybody wanted to be on the water the second day they all wanted to go to the beach," said Sub Sea Tours Captain, DJ Hardy.

Kevin Winfield added that business is better than it was at this time last year, though the pandemic was hard on all businesses, he's hoping this positive trend will continue.