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Humpback Whales making a splash on the Central Coast

Posted at 11:34 PM, Oct 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-31 03:05:57-04

November is the last month for Humpback whale season and they're popping up from Avila Beach to Morro Bay.

Onlookers from the Central Coast and even a few from Los Angeles and beyond made it out to the coast today to catch a glimpse of the rare beauties.

Manager of Sub Seas Tours in Morro Bay, Adam Ortiz says whales have been active this season.

"Typically Humpback season goes May to November. We hope to get at least another month with Humpback whales and then come December we will get the Grays," Ortiz said. "Plenty of people have been spotting from shore."

Whale tour guides say whales have been coming as close as one mile off shore.

Atascadero resident Jean Collins said she was excited to see whales off shore.

"As soon as we got to the end of the pier, we saw two whales breaching," she said. "They are pretty far off but you can see them pretty well with binoculars."

"We just arrived and we've seen a couple by the boats, I brought my camera and my wife has her binoculars and we are enjoying seeing them," Bob Schmalbach said.

Boat captain and whale tour guide Bradley Cano describes how you can spot one of the breathtaking Humpbacks.

"They have a fin halfway back, they have a big tale," he said. "You can see them come up to the surface and exhale their breathe, it's called a spout. Sometimes when they are feeding you get to see them jump out of the water, it is called a breach, they crash into the water and underneath they have barnacles attached to them."

Humpbacks will continue feeding and slowly moving south until they return again closer to the May.