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Hurricane Hilary delays San Salvador voyage from Morro Bay to San Diego

Posted at 6:35 PM, Aug 18, 2023

With a storm headed to California, many visitors are taking advantage of seeing the replica of the San Salvador before it takes off for its voyage back home.

“I’m really fascinated by a lot of the mechanics of how these boats were manufactured and what life was like living on a vessel like this for a long period of time,” said David White, a San Luis Obispo resident. “I’m very interested in the mechanics of how these boats are designed and how they operate.”

According to the National Weather Service, widespread showers and thunderstorms and breezy to gusty winds are expected Sunday through Tuesday as the remains of Hilary move into California's Coast.

The storm has caused a delay for the ship’s return back to San Diego.

“We have delayed our anticipated departure. It was going to be Monday late in the day, [late in the afternoon early evening], now it’s going to be Tuesday morning,” said Dr. Ray Ashley, San Salvador Ship Captain.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is working on getting San Salvador back to San Diego as safely as possible by staying up to date with the latest weather headlines.

“You’re watching the weather all the time and then you’re watching not only because it might be stormy or something because the ship is actually built to take a lot of weather. You’re really looking for fair wind and you’re looking for conditions that can get you to where you need to go,” said Ashley.

The City of Morro Bay Harbor Department has been in communication with the National Weather Service and is aware of the looming weather conditions.

“They are predicting thunder and lightning in the forecast,” said Dana Stein, City of Morro Bay Harbor Department Patrol Officer. “Beach lighting can be pretty hazardous, so we recommend if you hear thunder or see lightning to stay off the beach and stay out of the ocean.”

Harbor Patrol highly advises the public to practice safety when traveling to Central Coast beaches.

“As we always recommend, swim near a lifeguard if they're on duty, never turn your back on the ocean, read the signs on the beach for safety tips, and get educated regarding rip currents,” Stein said.

If you’re interested in seeing the San Salvador, their last showing is on August 20, 2023. The ship is expected to return to San Diego next Tuesday.