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If you have not begun holiday shopping, you should start now

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Posted at 8:07 PM, Nov 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-29 16:27:57-05

If you have not begun holiday shopping, you should start now. That's the message from toy store workers and parents.

The toy shortage caused by the supply chain issues has people doing their holiday shopping at Tom's Toys earlier than usual.

"Definitely start shopping now," said Jason Carmichael, a San Luis Obispo resident.

Carmichel said shopping this holiday season has been difficult and getting an early start is key.

"There's a lot of toys missing that don't get delivered, just random toys too," said Carmichael.

Toy store workers told KSBY News that Lego sets are one of their most popular toys this year.

"This place is, you know, locally owned," added Carmichael. "They've always had cool toys that no one else has."

Including those hard to come by Lego sets.

"I've been looking, especially for the big Lego kits, Lego sets, nobody has everything, so I'm very glad to see some of them here," said Milton Pope, who stopped by to visit Tom's Toys.

Pope said even is out of some of the Lego sets he is looking for.

"We are seeing shortages on pretty much everything from any company," said Amanda Real, a cashier at Tom's Toys.

Real says people have been shopping much earlier than usual to ensure they get the toys that are left.

"Legos are always the biggest thing because they're the most popular every year," explained Real. "They come out with new stuff every year, mid-year, end of year, new year."

The products are slowly coming in, but not fast enough.

"We just tell people if you see it on the shelf, buy it then, because it's probably not going to sit around, and there's no guarantee that we are going to get anything in before Christmas," said Real.

Though they are experiencing a shortage of just about everything, Tom's Toys still has plenty of Lego sets and lots of toys.