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Infant footprint scan offered at Twin Cities Hospital

Posted at 3:13 PM, Jan 01, 2020

Twin cities hospital is showing off some new tech to pair with the first babies born into the new decade.

Newborn babies born at the hospital can now participate in the infant safety system.

A high resolution scan is taken of the infant footprints that can be used for precise identification. "It can be useful if a child is abducted, lost or involved in a natural disaster. The hospital also says it can be a nice keepsake for parents." said Mary Jo Cascarelli, Director of Prenatal Services.

It will be useful, just in case anything happens they'll be able to make sure that it's my baby," says Melisa Barton, a new mother.

Hospital officials say its better to take a scan of a footprint because fingerprints aren't as refined initially... and babies have a tendency to close their hands.