Local hotels offering discounts, gift cards during shelter at home order

Posted at 8:00 AM, Mar 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-22 18:44:08-04

Local businesses continue to feel the pressure and stress of trying to keep operations afloat following the COVID-19 outbreak and the recent order from the government for citizens to shelter at home.

Evan Kidd is the general manager of The Inn at Avila Beach, his family's business of 26 years on Front Street in Avila Beach. This past week he has been faced with cancellations and uncertainty about what the future holds.

"It's a local industry panic but for small businesses, it's scary for sure," Kidd said Friday.

One way is through offering a 20% discount on gift certificates that can be used at a later date with no restrictions.

"So we're just trying to figure out ways to do it and for people say that they love us, we're just trying to encourage to show it a little bit," Kidd said.

He says the 29-room hotel is taking extra precautions and sanitizing as much as possible. Deemed as an essential business, Kidd says the hotel will remain open and will accommodate weekly and monthly stays for those who need a place to go.

Deep Mistery, the general manager of the San Luis Inn and Suites in San Luis Obispo is being faced with the same struggles. The inn has been a family business for 50 years.

"This unlike anything we've seen," Mistery said.

With the recent cancellations of Cal Poly commencement ceremonies and Cal Poly's Open House, weekends that would be filled to the brim with hotel guests will be reminiscent of a ghost town.

"Local tourists are a really big part of our business."

As a way to offset the cancellations, the hotel is offering 20% stays for guests and will remain open.