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Jury deliberations begin in murder-for-hire case

Posted at 10:42 AM, Aug 14, 2019

A San Luis Obispo jury is now deliberating a murder-for-hire case, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.

Beau Brigham is accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill his stepmother.

During testimony last month, right before trail began, the court heard from an IT expert from London, Christopher Monteiro. He said he hacked into an assassination website on the dark web where Brigham requested the hit. Montiero gave the court six exhibits of messages pertaining to people who wanted to commit illegal acts.

Under cross-examination, Brigham’s attorney, Ilan Funke-Bilu, told Monteiro that what he did by hacking into the dark web was criminal. Monteiro agreed, but he was granted immunity for testifying in the case.

Funke Bilu said he “does not believe for one second that his client is guilty,” and that he thinks the “evidence will be overwhelmingly in that direction.”

Brighman has pleaded not guilty.