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Labor Day sales are down this year for some local businesses and many say the weather is to blame

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Posted at 6:50 PM, Sep 03, 2023

This Labor Day weekend has taken many local businesses by surprise as sales have been down this year compared to last year and many say the weather is to blame.

“We’re down probably 20% from last year,” Bookout said.

While it’s still summer on the Central Coast, this Labor Day weekend does not feel like it usually does this time of year and businesses are noticing the effects.

“The fog is a hindrance to people spending money on stuff whereas if it wasn't so foggy, we would probably be a lot busier,” Bookout said.

Bill Bookout, Owner of Pismo Surf Shop and Pismo Bike Rentals has owned the Pismo Beach location since 1999 and says this Labor Day is one of their slower years for sales.

“We were a lot busier last year than we were this year,” Bookout said.

Another local business owner agrees.

“It’s been down a lot since last year,” Wexler said.

Bob Wexler, Co-owner of Ashtie’s Beach Shake, breaks down what Labor Day weekend has looked like for them so far.

“It was slower than normal Friday. Saturday was slower because of the weather, plus with people coming into town there is a lack of parking,” Wexler said.

Wexler says it is usually their last big “hurrah” for the year.

“It’s usually a good weekend, but this weekend it just started slow,” Wexler said.

The weather is what business owners think is the reason for a slower weekend.

“I’m blaming it on the weather…I’m blaming it on that cloud structure ahead of us …it's not sunny so people are not out and about but tomorrow is supposed to be nice,” Bookout said.

Despite sales being down this year, businesses are hopeful that Monday’s sunny weather will bring more people to the beach.