Lake Nacimiento rises by more than 16 feet

Posted at 10:29 PM, Dec 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-14 03:05:31-05

Recent rainfall is beginning to drive lake levels back up on the Central Coast.

It’s an early Christmas present from mother nature as Lake Nacimiento begins to fill back up with water.

“When the lake levels jump, this place jumps,” said Steven Sprague who works at Oak Hill Market in Heritage Ranch.

Lake Nacimiento Resort says water levels have risen by more than 16 feet since the beginning of December.

Most of that increase happened over the weekend with lake capacity jumping from 18 percent on Saturday to 26 percent on Tuesday.

“Having our docks back and being able to put your boat out and go fishing, that’s what we look forward to,” said Becky McGraw who also works at Oak Hill Market.

A fuller lake is welcome news at nearby Heritage Ranch where economic vitality and lake levels go hand-in-hand.

“When that lake is full, this whole parking lot is full,” said Sprague. “I’ve seen cars going up the street. There’s not even a parking spot in here, they have to park on the street.” Locals say the lake draws in visitors from around the world, especially when it’s full.

“I’ve seen people from Germany to Arizona—all over the world just come out and look at it when it’s full,” adds Sprague.

Water levels are rising but still have a long way to go.

Some launch ramps and docks are still sitting on dry ground and reaching the water, means trekking through dry lakebed.

“We’re all doing our rain dances but yeah, it’s a really good start to the season so far,” said McGraw.