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Lake Nacimiento water percentage doubles after recent storm

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Posted at 5:04 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-05 22:40:03-05

Lake Nacimiento is looking a lot fuller.

That's because the lake percentage is just about double what is was before last week's Winter storm.

"We needed the rain," said David Ingvardsen who lives near the lake.

"I would say definitely needed rain," added Debra Beasley of Florida.

Before last week, Lake Nacimiento was at 21% but it's now sitting at 41% capacity.

"Percentage wise 41 is a really a nice place to be coming into the Summer," said Layla Decker, General Manager of Lake Nacimiento Resort. "You still have that beach area that you can pack people into but the water levels are still high so it's a good compromise for everyone."

On Friday, the lake was peaceful and relatively quiet with just a few boaters on the water.

Others enjoyed camping after the more than 300 designated campsites reopened to overnight guests a little over a week ago.

Camper, Debra Beasley used to work at the store on the lake nearly 20 years ago but she came back for a visit this week.

"I mean this place was packed all the time in the Summer," Beasley said. "It was really nice."

The lake received more than 20 inches of rain from the storm making for what's expected to be another nice Summer on tap.

"It was nice because the actual docks were starting to float and you could see where boats were being moored where they weren't before and it continues to go up," Ingvardsen said. "I guess we're over 750 feet now."

The water level is up 24 vertical feet from last week.

This exact time last year the water capacity was 52%.

"We started off with 49% last year, start of season, ended with 21 so during that time it was about a 5% release each month," Decker said.

This year's water release schedule hasn't been publicly announced yet.

But with Spring then Summer just around the corner, those who live near and far are looking forward to enjoying a much fuller lake.

"It's pretty out here," Beasley said.