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Large tree removed after falling on building in San Luis Obispo

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Posted at 3:16 PM, Jan 23, 2023

Crews worked throughout the day on Monday to remove a large tree that fell onto a building in San Luis Obispo.

The eight-foot diameter eucalyptus fell across San Luis Obispo Creek during a recent storm, coming to rest on the side of the Smart & Final store on Johnson Ave.

Nearly 20 crewmembers from Bunyon Bros. Tree Service were working to cut the tree into pieces and remove it from the area.

Ronald Rinell, owner of Bunyon Bros., says that while the rain has stopped for now, his crews are staying busy with calls related to downed and damaged trees.

“We are even to this day still getting calls that trees are falling over currently," Rinell said. "With the ground saturated, the roots, the root system, the anchor roots -- there's nothing to grab onto. And then the roots have had atrophy from from the drought we've been going through, so it's creating quite, quite, quite the turmoil in the tree industry.”

He says homeowners should watch out for cracking on the ground around the base of a tree, which could be a sign the tree is in danger of falling.