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Local first responders at the California Mid-State Fair are taking precautions for heat-related illness

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Posted at 8:48 PM, Jul 20, 2023

Despite warmer temperatures taking over the interior valleys in northern San Luis Obispo County, it’s not stopping anyone from heading over to the 77th annual California Mid-State Fair.

The Paso Robles Fire Department is in constant communication with the staff at the fairgrounds in case visitors experience any heat-related illnesses during their visit.

“We are here to provide fire and EMS medical support for the California Mid-State Fair," said Anthony Gutierrez, Paso Robles Fire Department’s fire engineer paramedic. "With that, we can just encourage the public to continuously seek any shade or air-conditioned buildings, and also to feel free to use all the water refill stations that are located throughout the fair."

CAL FIRE also has several free hydration stations available at their booth and wants to remind the public to keep bottled water in hand at all times in the extreme heat.

“With the temperature that we’re dealing with right now, I can already tell that I’m thirsty because I’m sweaty, and you’re moving around, and you’re walking everywhere around here, so you just got to keep that bottled water on hand,” said Toni Davis, San Luis Obispo County CAL FIRE public information officer.

Visitors at Thursday’s fair say they have been staying in the shade by stepping into the barns or live-stock shows, as some locations have plenty of fans available to keep everyone cool.

“Overall, it hasn’t been brutal today so far, so we’re doing well," said Steve Lucich, a California Mid-State Fair visitor. "It’s nice and cool. If they go in to look at the livestock barn or go in for the barbeque, there are lots of fans and lots of cool air moving around, so yeah. It’s very doable."

Vendors like Pony Espresso have been fortunate to work with an air conditioner inside their trailer and are ready to serve the public with cold beverages.

“We have a swamp cooler inside of our trailer, but I drink plenty of water," said Stacy Doane, a vendor from Pony Espresso. "Water is the key, but we have all kinds of drinks in here that would help you with your thirst. We have frozen lemonades, Italian sodas, slushies, smoothies. Please stay hydrated when you come down here and come and see us all."

Health officials say you shouldn't wait until you feel thirsty to drink water and recommend drinking plenty of fluids, regardless of how active you are.