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Local high school students offered 3D printers

templeton printer.JPG
Posted at 6:58 PM, Mar 11, 2022

A Central Coast high school is offering students 3D printers to take home as part of an engineering program.

Templeton High School has been using 3D printers for eight years now. When the pandemic caused the school to move classes to Zoom, students were allowed to take the printers home so they could continue working on projects and show them off during Zoom classes.

The school has continued to allow students to take home the printers now that they are back to in-person classes.

"Having it at home, I can go and 3D print parts for myself or 3D print something that I need for the class, because there's only four of them [at school] and there's a lot of kids in engineering. So by having it at home, I can test things in my house without having to use these or just make things at home whenever I want to," explained Dylan Woulbroun, Templeton High School student.

Now, the school is allowing students to either return their printers or buy them at a reduced price.

So far, every student in the program has decided to buy a printer.