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Local hotels completely booked for Cal Poly graduation weekend

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Posted at 7:08 PM, Jun 10, 2022

It's Cal Poly graduation weekend and hotels from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay to Paso Robles are completely booked.

"We have almost every room sold to Poly parents this weekend," said Lauren Twisselman, Hotel SLO Director of Guest Services.

"Right now we have about 95% occupancy for today. Tomorrow is sold out," said Ricky Panchal, Morro Shores Inn and Suites owner.

"We have been really busy and I think a lot of the other hotels have been very busy too with guests staying that are going to the graduations," said Tracey Stinchfield, Paso Robles Inn Guest Services Agent.

"You know, there was nothing and nothing and nothing, nothing. I said, 'why are we so far away?' They said because we can't get anything next to graduation," said Gregory Clayton and Deanna McIntire, Cal Poly graduation attendees.

McIntire says her daughter started booking rooms months ago for family members attending the graduation.

"She probably started at the end of last year," said McIntire.

The Hotel SLO director of guest services says that's not uncommon, with people calling to book reservations for grad weekend two years out.

Hotel SLO only takes reservations one year in advance.

"Just this week, this month in general, we've started to get a lot of inquiries for next year, for '23," said Twisselman.

Hotel SLO has 78 rooms, 68 of which are booked this weekend, leaving a few available for walk-ins.

The Morro Shores Inn and Suites owner says they're busier than usual. The hotel has 29 rooms that are almost fully booked.

"I mean it's really helping us out. The rates are good and everybody is looking for rooms and it looks like nobody has the rooms in town," said Panchal.

Cal Poly graduation weekend is driving tourism and giving just about every local business a financial boost.

"All of our Poly parents, every parent that's coming into town helps with our tourism downtown. It'll help every restaurant, every shopping experience every boutique," said Twisselman.

If you're hoping to make a hotel reservation for Cal Poly graduation next year, it's not a bad idea to start booking them today.