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Santa Barbara County organization helps provide financial relief to undocumented immigrants

Posted at 7:07 PM, Apr 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-19 03:37:21-04

There are currently more than two million undocumented people in California and none of them will be eligible for stimulus checks from the government.

A local organization says they are stepping up to provide financial relief for as many families as possible.

Dora Perez has been living in Santa Barbara County for the past 20 years and recently lost her job as a waitress due to the coronavirus outbreak.

With no job and no opportunity for a stimulus check due to her citizenship status, Perez had to apply for local assistance.

She said she is disappointed that in a situation like the current national emergency, those who are undocumented and pay taxes are not eligible to receive help from the government.

The 805 Undocufund is aimed at providing financial relief to undocumented immigrants.

The fund, put together by donations from a series of agencies and community members, has received over 5,500 applications in three weeks.

Abraham Melendrez, a policy advocate with CAUSE, believes its more important now than ever to offer aid to those who are unable to get help from the government.

Melendrez adds that although Governor Newsom recently announced that the state alongside charities would distribute $125 million to undocumented immigrants, that still may not be enough to cover the over two million people who are undocumented in California.

Melendrez said that the aid will essentially provide $500 to every adult undocumented immigrant until the money runs out.

“We need to advocate to our state leaders that more needs to be done for our communities,” said Melendrez.

To learn more about or apply for the 805 Undocufund, click here.