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Local police departments share safety tips ahead of Halloween

The Worst Candy You Can Get For Halloween
Posted at 5:21 PM, Oct 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-10 22:51:59-04

Halloween is fast approaching and local police departments are hoping it will be a safe and fun holiday.

"Just by looking at the wrapper and making sure that none of it's home made, as some people tend to make their own homemade candy. Just making sure that there's no openings or tears on the wrappers anything like that," said Jason Ta, a senior officers with the Morro Bay Police Department.

The neighborhood network, Nextdoor, recently launched an annual neighborhood treat map that acts as a local guide showing which neighbors will be decorating and handing out candy.

Officers say it's also important to dress your child in reflective clothing.

"Staying on sidewalks the whole time. Wearing bright clothing either using flashlights... glowsticks always help as well," said Ta.

"Dressing the kids up in dark clothing and not having any kind of light or reflective material on those costumes is a little bit dangerous at night," said Kyle White, a Pismo Beach Police Department sergeant.

White says it's also important to make sure your child is walking on the sidewalk.

"I've seen some close calls where the kids were darting between parked cars and trying to get to the next trick or treat house," said White.