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Local woman creates 3D face shields for healthcare workers

Posted at 6:10 AM, Apr 20, 2020

As the need for Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare workeres continues to rise, a local woman has found a creative way to help.

Alexa Smith is using her 3D printer to print up to 15 face shields per day. Smith donates those face shields to local health care workers.

Smith says it takes about one hour and ten minutes to create one protective shield.

Smith uses a template she found online which coincides with what the national institute of health has approved, but she says it is up to each hospital or medical facility to decide if they want to accept the donations.

So far, she says local doctors and dentists have picked up her shields. And it's not too expensive for her to make.

"Printing one shield with the plastic and the PVC shield attached to it costs me about a dollar," said Smith.

She plans to continue producing the face shields for as long as additional PPE is needed for medical facilities.

If you are interested in a face shield, you can contact Smith at