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Lompoc Federal Prison builds hospital in four weeks

Posted at 11:39 PM, May 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-05 02:39:28-04

In under four weeks, the Lompoc Federal Prison has constructed a "Hosptial Care Unit" (HCU) in response to the ongoing pandemic.

In a press release, the Federal Bureau of Prisons said that construction involved the transformation of office space into a working hospital inside the prison. The concept to build the hospital began on April 9.

The new HCU has 10 double-occupancy acute care rooms, a patient intake room, nurses station, pharmacy, linen exchange room, biohazard room, and medical supply and storage, according to a Federal Bureau of Prisons press release.

Areas were also retrofitted to create staff facilities -- including shower stalls to "mitigate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases, including COVID-19."

The prison also negotiated for medical personnel to work in conjunction with the prison's health services staff.

The HCU is scheduled to open on May 6.