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Lompoc Planning Commission to consider roadway improvement plan

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Posted at 5:21 PM, May 18, 2022

Lompoc city leaders say the Multimodal Streetscape Improvement Plan will improve transportation for pedestrians and cyclists.

Assistant Public Works Director for the City of Lompoc, Craig Dierling, says the Streetscape Improvement Plan provides an outline for roadway improvements along South Lompoc's Ocean Avenue and North H Street.

Back in 2019, the City of Lompoc received the Sustainable Communities Grant from Caltrans, allowing them to plan transportation improvements along these roads.

While the plan will be presented at an upcoming special Planning Commission meeting, Dierling says there is still a long way to go.

"It will take years to complete the entire corridor improvements but we are excited for what's to come," Dierling told KSBY.

He says the Planning Commission will review and make recommendations to the plan, followed by additional steps.

"Later, likely in the month of June, the City Council can consider the plan and provide another forum for public input, as well as comments from the council," Dierling added.

Local businesses along Ocean Avenue say they are also on board with these potential improvements near their storefronts.

"We just moved here two years ago and we have already began to notice the streetside," said Alex Bumatay, General Manager of Bumatay Jewelers. "We'll have the front door open and cars will speed on by like it's the Pomona Speedway."

He says there have been issues with gangs, drugs, and homelessness in the area, and he is hopeful this roadway improvement plan will bring a spark to his city.

"Anything that can promote some tourism, clean up the town, make it look a little better... It's always good," Bumatay said.

After the Lompoc Planning Commission reviews the Multimodal Streetscape Improvement Plan, dates for public comment forums will be arranged so locals can weigh in on the proposal for renovation.