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Lompoc Theater Project discover secret room housing old artifacts

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Posted at 7:20 PM, Oct 21, 2021

People at the Lompoc Theater Project found a secret room in the back of the theater.

The room is not accessible from inside the theater and was boarded up on the outside.

Once they were able to open the door, volunteers there discovered a room filled with a storage unit for the snack shot that is next to the entrance of the theater.

The theater’s directors say they plan to convert the old snack shop into a museum of all the old artifacts found in the room.

"The theater is almost 100 years old and folks that have been here a long time, they remember that snack shop very fondly,” said Mike Sewall, who is part of the Lompoc Theater Project board of directors. “It’s just another part of nostalgia that will help us get the money to finally get the big push to get this theater restored."

Evidence of rodents and an odd smell led to the room’s discovery.

Many of the items found in the snack shop were moved for safe keeping until the Lompoc Theater Project can create the museum to showcase their historical relevance.