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Lopez High School enforces a no-phone zone with new program

Posted at 5:36 PM, Aug 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-30 00:05:57-04

Students at Lopez High School are having to learn to be in the classroom without their mobile devices thanks to a new no phone zone program on campus.

School officials are requiring all students to store their phones away during class time in Yondr pouches. These holders are locked through magnetic force and can only be opened with the help of a specific magnet. Each of the students are assigned a pouch number to put their phones away once they enter the classroom. They can then access their devices during breaks and once they leave school grounds.

If students break their pouches open and use their phones, they must pay a $50 fee for the damage.

Both teachers and students are noticing the positive difference within the first couple weeks of the school year.

“It helps us a lot more in class because we actually get to focus more than looking at our phones, wondering about what's happening on social media,” said senior Benjamin Torres.

Students say they are seeing a change not only in their education, but their social lives as well.

“If you get into an argument or you see an upsetting post, usually kids...that affects their whole day and that ruins their whole day. But Yondring doesn't allow that to happen, so most of the time, people have a good day,” said junior Emylee Hayes.

Lopez High School is contracted to use the pouches over the next five years.