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Lopez High School to install vaping sensors

Each vaping sensor costs around $1,000
Posted at 7:11 PM, Jan 29, 2020

Lopez High School in Arroyo Grande is set to be the first to install vaping sensors on school grounds in the Lucia Mar Joint Unified School District.

The school will install four sensors in its four bathrooms which will be able to detect a set of chemicals that come from vaping.

The sensor will then be able to "ping" administrators in order for them to check in on where the student is vaping.

"I think its a great idea, especially starting at a smaller school because we're already seeing it as a problem here so I can only imagine at our bigger high schools and the problems its causing there" said Bernie Dominguez, the school's guidance counselor.

The purchase of the sensors will be made possible thanks to a grant the school received aimed at helping the school improve its troubled areas. The funds used for the sensors will total at approximately $5,159.52.

School officials say they see this as an opportunity to not only lower suspension rates due to vaping related incidents, but as a chance to educate students on the dangers of vaping.

"Creating a safe environment at school and keeping the vape devices out of schools is critical," said Jennifer Bowen, the school's principal.

According to the school, so far this year, the Lucia Mar Joint Unified School District has had 90 disciplinary contacts for vaping, with 13 of those being at Lopez High School.

There is not set date yet for when the sensors will be installed.