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Meet our Pet of the Week, Scrapper

Posted at 12:48 PM, Dec 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-30 15:48:24-05

Every Friday, we feature an available pet from Woods Humane Society as our Pet of the Week. This week's feature is Scrapper who just like her name may be a bit on the grumpy side but is excited to find her perfect home where she can finally feel at home.

We sat down with Specs and Carson, at the Woods Humane Society shelter in San Luis Obispo to learn a little bit about her.

Carson said, "Scrapper is about two years old and she's been here for a couple of months now. Scrapper will come up and rub all over you, but the minute you try and pet her or you move in a way that she doesn't like, she will swat you and that makes it really hard for her to get adopted. She hates the other cats in here. It's made it really difficult for her. I think it's super stressful and that adds to why she's sweating. I believe if she goes to a home with no other animals to really settle down and be far more comfortable with people interacting with her, she's just really going to need no other pets in that household."

Carson continued, "Scrapper will let us give her little cheek scratches if she's calm and in her bed. What she's really going to need is somebody who's willing to kind of learn her quirks and what she's comfortable with and then really not push those boundaries because that is when you get swat Scrappers adoption fee has been sponsored, so she is fee waived, scrappers spayed, microchipped and up to date on all her vaccinations. We you can definitely come visit her up here at the North County Woods Humane Society will open at 11 and she'll be here waiting for you."

Scrapper will be available at 11AM Friday for adoption at the Woods Humane Society shelter in Atascadero. For more information on our pet of the week or the other available pets visit this link!