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Menu prices at local restaurants changing as a result of increasing cost of eggs

Egg Prices
Posted at 6:16 PM, Feb 15, 2023

Menu prices at local restaurants are changing as a result of an increase in the price of eggs.

“I increased everything on the menu that had eggs on it by 50 cents per egg,” said Melinda Davis, A-Town Diner owner.

The restaurant’s eggs are purchased in boxes containing 15 dozen.

“The price per box went from $54 when I first started five months ago up to $79,” Davis said.

She has switched to only purchasing eggs from a local vendor due to the corporate vendor's price hikes.

“My corporate vendors went up to $109 a box,” Davis said.

In San Luis Obispo, SLO Delicious Bake Shop owner Michael Martineau says he’ll have to raise prices as well.

“So we haven’t increased our prices yet, but we’re definitely in the process," Martineau said.

As a bakery owner, he uses a considerable amount of eggs.

“Really everything requires eggs, right? Almost everything we make actually requires eggs," he said.

Just down the street, Monika’s Macarons is also in a tough spot because of the high prices.

“We did have to implement a price increase,” said Monika Tumbrello, Monika’s Macarons owner and lead chef.

Tumbrello uses a lot of eggs to make macarons and has also turned to a local vendor.

“So they were $2.75 a piece and now they’re $3,” she said.

If the price of eggs doesn’t go down soon, Trumbello is already planning for the future.

“The way we wanted to expand our menu before which included eggs, now we’re looking more into let's find alternative recipes that are vegan," she said.

It’s not just eggs forcing prices to go up. Bakeries and restaurants say the price of other ingredients has also gone up, especially butter, which is also impacting their menu prices.