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More people coming in with flu like symptoms after their holiday travels

Flu season typically ends in March
Posted at 9:27 PM, Jan 03, 2020

As many people are returning home from their holiday travels, local nurses are reminding residents to take extra safety precautions if they did not get a flu shot at the beginning of the season.

Carolyn Jolly is a Nurse Practitioner at Med Plus in Pismo Beach and says the center had seen around nine patients with flu like symptoms on Friday alone.

“People are traveling, they’re in airports, they’re in a small tube breathing air with everyone else and also with their families. We’re also inside more because the weather isn’t that good” said Jolly.

According to Jolly, last year's flu season lasted significantly longer than normal. It typically ends in March, but last year, Med Plus had patients coming in due to flu symptoms up until June.

“Washing your hands really good, making sure that you’re getting enough rest. Getting at least eight hours of sleep, staying hydrated, you can take vitamin C and zinc and these vitamins that can boost your immune system" said Jolly of how to prevent getting the flu if you missed the crucial time gap, October, to get the shot.

Jolly also says you should head to the emergency room if you have a fever that last more than five to seven days, shortness of breathe or are feeling dehydrated.