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Morro Bay expands city utility discount program to help those in need

Posted at 11:24 AM, Sep 23, 2020

Morro Bay city is expanding its City Utility Discount Program for qualifying residents.

Under the new plan, discounts will be expanded from 10 percent to 25 percent through the end of June 2021.

"We understand many folks in our community are struggling financially due to covid-19," said Mayor John Headding. "By expanding the UDP program, we are helping those who are likely in greatest need."

The program is available to Morro Bay residents who participate in PG&E's CARE program or So Cal Gas' program.

The city is also offering a Utility Rebate program to residents in mobile home parks and apartment complex's that are not individually metered.

Under the rebate program, qualifying residents will receive two bi-annual rebates of $150 or $12.50 per month to help offset utility expenses.

For more information on these programs, contact the City of Morro Bay Account Clerks at 805-772-6222.