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Mountain lion spotted near San Luis Obispo homes

Mountain lion in tree.JPG
Posted at 12:44 PM, Feb 21, 2023

Another mountain lion sighting in San Luis Obispo has even more residents on alert.

A man who lives along Isabella Way tells KSBY he was on a walk around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday with his son and two dogs when he says the dogs noticed the animal and began barking and running toward it.

The man, who asked to not be identified, says the mountain lion ran up a tree to get away. He says he grabbed his son and began walking backwards carefully and also called for his dogs. Once everyone was safely in the house, he says he began taking video of the mountain lion.

The resident says he did notify police, adding that once the mountain lion came out of the tree, it appeared to walk up the creek. He adds the animal appeared timid and not threatening in any way.

The community’s HOA chairman, Howard Fabrick, says they have a lot of people who walk small dogs in the area and want them to be aware of the recent sighting.

It’s not known whether the mountain lion is the same one that attacked a dog near Laguna Lake Mobile Estates on Feb. 11.

Shortly after the attack, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said it would attempt to trap the lion and relocate it to another location in the county.

Wildlife officials have not yet commented on whether the trapping attempts have been successful or whether Tuesday morning sighting along Isabella Way could be the same mountain lion.

Fish and Wildlife previously said there could be more than one mountain lion in the area as San Luis Obispo is a mountain lion habitat.