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Nautical Bean opens a new location in Los Osos

Posted at 5:59 AM, Apr 05, 2022

A popular San Luis Obispo coffee shop has opened a new location in Los Osos.

Nautical Bean coffee shop held the grand opening for its third location Monday.

The expansion has opened up a brand new customer base for the local chain.

The company has acquired a commercial kitchen space to meet the increased demand

The co-owner of nautical bean says that customers can expect almost the same experience at the new, Bayfront location.

"How many coffee shops can you say are oceanfront," said co-owner Brett Jones. " that's what really drew me to this space and then it really came out that the area really wanted something or needed something to rally behind and have a place to meet, have a cup of coffee so it's kind of cool to give that to them."

There is one major difference though, Nautical Bean will only be serving breakfast at its new location.

The co-owner said this is because there are simply so many great places to get lunch in Los Osos.