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Neighbors react to plans for new commercial development in Paso Robles

Coast Counties Peterbilt has submitted plans to build a new truck and trailer dealership along Theatre Drive
Posted at 6:45 PM, Mar 25, 2022

A new, 35,000 square-foot semi-truck dealership could be coming to a vacant lot on the south end of Paso Robles.

Coast Counties Peterbilt has submitted plans to build a new truck and trailer dealership along Theatre Drive.

"There are other new vehicle sales dealerships along Theatre Drive, so this would be another similar type of use to what's already there," said Paso Robles City Planner Darren Nash.

Plans include a display lot and a service area to repair semi-trucks.

"As homeowners, we knew this was gonna happen someday, it's happening," said Jack Vail who lives nearby.

Vail adds that he is willing to work with the developer to reach a solution fitting for both parties.

"We're probably looking at a gate for the community to keep the big trucks and people out of there but in general, we wanna be good partners," he said.

Others are concerned about the impact this will have on a senior community right next door.

"There are many residents who live on the outside street of this park and their backyards are going to be directly against Peterbilt," said Phyllis Sandoval, President of Seniors in Action of Rancho Paso Mobile Home Park. "Peterbilt trucks are very loud and noisy. I'm all for truckers but that doesn't make for a conducive living environment no matter what age you are."

People who live in the mobile home park are also concerned about increased traffic on the frontage road.

"There is a concern of people afraid to get on the 101," said Barb Kestner, Secretary for Seniors in Action at Rancho Paso. "They just drive on local roads so they will just drive down to Target or something like that. Their concern may be to pull out in front of those large trucks."

Paso Robles city staff are reviewing Peterbilt's plan to make sure that roads in the area can handle the increase in traffic.

KSBY News reached out to Peterbilt for a response to the neighbors' concerns, but hasn't heard back yet.

The company just submitted its plans so there is no timeline for construction just yet.