New businesses including Brown Butter Cookie Co. set openings in downtown SLO

Posted at 9:00 PM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-10 02:01:00-04

Several businesses are opening in downtown San Luis Obispo in the next few months.

Kin SLO:

Kin Slo Coffee Shop is opening its door to customers on Aug. 17.

The coffee shop was created by two brothers who live in San Luis Obispo. The brothers said the name for the business came about after they took a road trip together. In an Instagram post they said “spending time with your kin as you get older teaches you so much and if you don’t know already being in a car with brothers for five days straight will teach you a thing or two.”

The coffee shop offers a variety of coffee and local pastries.

The owner, Julian Contreras, said what makes their business different is the way they roast their coffee.

kin slo 1.JPG

“What I wanted is to basically create an atmosphere that was designed for the people who want to see all these different brewing methods, not just the same you know, nitro brew, cappuccino, carmel latte,” Contreras said.

The result, they said they use siphon brewing, which works by an open flame and one minute steeping process. Contreras said it is almost like tea, but has the same effect as coffee.

Contreras said they also serve first harvest matcha.

kin slo 2.JPG
Kin Slo opens on Aug. 16.

Kin Slo is located on 847 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo.

Their grand opening is Aug. 17.

Brown Butter Cookie Company

Brown Butter Cookie Company started putting signs up at their new San Luis Obispo location this week.

The business is opening this fall with owners aiming to be fully opened by October.

The shop is located on Osos St. on the corner of Osos and Monterey.

The Brown Butter Cookie Company is based in Cayucos.

Businesses opened in downtown San Luis Obispo in 2019:

Downtown SLO officials said 22 new store fronts opened in the first two quarters of 2019. It said 17 of those new stores were locally owned.