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New Central Coast winery uses profits to give back to the community

Posted at 7:51 AM, May 13, 2020

Ragtag Wine Company in San Luis Obispo found a way during the pandemic to give back to the community and the state.

Ragtag recently opened their winery in San Luis Obispo, and prior to the pandemic, they were making wine and using their profits to help launch the new business.

Now, with their inventory ready to go, the owners are using their funds to help feed people across California. The owners say they will give 50 percent of all their online wine sales to the Regional Food Bank of the purchasing customer in California.

"That's kind of what Ragtag is all about. Everybody has a unique roll to play in whatever community your in; and it's finding out how to use your roll for the good of help us all get through this, that's really going to be what does it...and this is the role that we've decided to take on," said owner, Deron Brewer.

Ragtag is hoping to raise $300,000 through June 15.Click here if you would like to contribute.