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New COVID-19 regulations set as Cal Poly students return for winter quarter

Posted at 10:24 PM, Jan 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-04 01:24:41-05

New testing requirements await Cal Poly students as they return for winter quarter, but these tests don't require late night study sessions, rather a COVID-19 nasal swab.

Students living on and off campus will be required to take COVID-19 tests twice a week with some exceptions for those living off campus.

Winter quarter begins January 4th and students returning to campus for housing, classes, work, or other needs are required to provide a proof of negative COVID-19 test taking within three days of arrival on campus.

Some students are concerned that increased testing coupled with long lines will take away from their class time.

Third year student, Franz Allendorfer says that he waited over an hour for his on-campus COVID-19 test Sunday.

"Although it’s not a problem on a Sunday, the fact that I have to do it twice a week (is) because I don’t have over an hour to spend every single time to get tested given school and work," Allendorfer said.

Student Kaitlin Cartwright says time management is going to be key.

“With classes, (I am) just going to have to time that right so I have enough time to stay in line and get tested and then go back to my class," Cartwright said.

The university will have about 11% of their courses in a face-to face format with the rest being virtual.

“About 1,450 students moved in to University Housing today, and students are taking part in ongoing testing. These are students who are living on campus for winter and have in-person courses, work, or other obligations that require them to be on campus. There will be about 4,500 students living on campus for winter quarter.”
Matt Lazier, Cal Poly spokesman

As a part of the staggered move in process, the next group of students slated to move in will be those without in-person or on-campus obligations. Those students will move in on January 8th and 9th.

According to the university officials, students who do not comply with testing requirements will receive several warnings and risk losing key university resources which includes access to student university portals which also contains student online courses.

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