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New drought resistant water supply project completed in Templeton

Posted at 5:32 PM, Sep 25, 2019

The Templeton Community Services District's new drought resistant water supply project is complete.

The community had the ribbon cutting for the upper Salinas River basin conjunctive use project Wednesday.

It captures existing wastewater flows generated on the east side of the district and returns it to the Meadowbrook wastewater treatment plant.

Until now, 60 percent of Templeton's waste water was sent to Paso Robles for treatment and disposal, so the community lost an opportunity to reuse that water.

"We actually increase our water supply availability by 240 to 300 acre feet per year, so it is a water supply that is reliable and sustainable for the city of Templeton," said Tina Mayer, Templeton Community Service District Engineer.

The project first started in February 2018.