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New exhibit featuring LGBTQ+ families opens in San Luis Obispo

Posted at 5:10 PM, Jun 11, 2023

A new exhibit featuring local members of the LGBTQ+ community is now open in San Luis Obispo.

The exhibit, located at The Bunker SLO off Orcutt Road, features eight families on the central coast that represent the LGBT community.

Organizers are hoping to bring awareness to diverse family structures.

“Our family show is a photo exhibit with two different photographers who show that family isn't something that anyone can just have a hold on. Family is all kinds of family and that's basically the theme of pride this year is we are family,” said Missy Reitner-Cameron, owner of The Bunker SLO. “Making sure that everybody understands that family is not something to be monopolized and that family means something to everybody differently, and that's okay. The LGBTZ+ community has been having unprecedented hate thrown at them by 'family values' and we don't believe in that.”

“We believe that family is family and being a family acknowledges the fundamental truth that love knows no boundaries,” adds exhibit photographer Renoda Campbell.

The exhibit will remain open through the end of June.