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North Coast of SLO County preparing for upcoming storm

Cambria rain
Posted at 7:06 PM, Mar 08, 2023

The rainy winter continues on the Central Coast as residents reflect on the last storm.

“It was a lot of rain," said Ellen Aronson, Cambria resident.

“Definitely a lot of people coming in, trying to stock up for the storm. We see selling more firewood and stuff like that,” said James Vergara, True Earth Market manager.

They share how they’re preparing for the upcoming weather event.

“I’m getting prepared to walk my dog in downpours,” said Aronson.

“I don’t know. I have the day off on Friday, so I’m just looking forward to a rainy day at home,” said Vergara.

According to the Cambria Fire Department, that’s exactly where you should be for the next few days.

“We definitely had a lot of lessons learned in January that have prepared us for this next upcoming weather event,” said Justin Vincent, Cambria Fire Department Fire Chief.

The Cambria Fire Department is up staffing for the next 48 hours to ensure a command presence throughout the storm.

“We are expecting to have a very similar outcome of trees down power lines down and localized flooding," said Chief Vincent.

The Park Hill Neighborhood is a main concern for flooding — potentially leading to access roads being cut off.

“Don’t try to force your way through a bad weather situation. Although you might be the best driver somebody else may not or somebody else may hydroplane and you are now part of the emergency response,” said Chief Vincent.

Vincent asks Cambria residents, especially those in the Park Hill Neighborhood, to shelter in place and stay off the emergency access road.

“…because when we do that it damages the road, as it’s not a paved road, and it also limits our access to get emergency vehicles in,” said Chief Vincent.

Just a few miles south the Morro Bay Fire Department serves as mutual aid for Cambria.

Morro Bay Fire Chief, Daniel McCrain, said the city’s emergency operation center is monitoring the upcoming weather. Public Works, Harbor Patrol, and the fire department are working together to plan for the next steps.

“So what people can do is just be prepared for the next 72 hours that it’s going to be bad weather but we’re going to get through this together and your fire department is here and ready to assist you in whatever you need," said Chief Vincent.

Chief Vincent recommends going out to buy food or water and to pick up any medication or supplies you may need tonight and not waiting until the storm arrives.

The Morro Bay Police Department is working with Transitions Mental Health to refer the local homeless population to other areas like the Prado warming center.