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Northern SLO County continues to see damage as a result of wind and rain

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Posted at 6:30 PM, Jan 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-29 00:36:05-05

The Central Coast has been hit hard by rain in the last 48 hours and that rain, combined with strong winds, has caused several trees to come down.

Whit's-Turn Tree Care foreman Josh Schultz said Thursday that his tree trimming crew would be spending the day clearing out a tree that fell on top of an Atascadero home.

"We are pulling this elm tree off of the house. It uprooted and knocked out the power lines. We are going to end up taking this tree out and there is another pistachio in the back we are going to be cleaning up as well," he said.

Crews have been busy clearing debris all over the North County, where some of the heaviest rain has fallen.

"Yesterday, we were at it from 6:30 until dark. Today, we are probably going to work until dark as well," Schultz said.

A second tree came down near the home where the crew was working. Power lines were down as well, causing multiple outages.

"It seems like our area is overdue so all of the trees are just raining down debris. It is crazy," said North County resident Zacharia Low.

"A year ago, we had a limb fall on our neighbor's fence and we ended up replacing the fence for them, so we trimmed back a lot of that extra brush that was on the trees to prevent that from happening again this year," said Mike Vasquez, Atascadero resident.

Arborists agree that keeping your house and cars safe is all about prevention.

"Definitely don't look past your trees. They require maintenance. If they look like they are blowing in the wind, they are too heavy, they might need to be addressed," Schultz said.

Crews on the scene in Atascadero recommend you examine the trees around your home, trim branches, and clear accordingly.