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Officer-involved shooting in Vandenberg Village leaves suspect in the hospital

Posted at 12:40 AM, Feb 24, 2022

A suspect is in the hospital after an officer-involved shooting in Vandenberg Village Wednesday afternoon.

At about 1:30 Wednesday afternoon, authorities say people began calling 911 to report a driver who was driving erratically and crashing into multiple vehicles.

It ended with a suspect being shot and taken to the hospital by ambulance.

"So we decided to walk over here and check it out, passing the house there were two people outside their window saying that there was a stay in place order because there were tons of gunshots. We heard from multiple other people living in the neighborhood that there's gunshots," said Vandenberg Village resident Anabella Solodobnikov.

Residents said the incident surprised them. It is usually quiet in their suburban neighborhood.

"Kind of scary because you feel like it's a nice, safe neighborhood and then stuff like this can you know just happen anywhere so you just have to be wary and cautious," said Solodobnikov.

The pursuit of the suspect in his vehicle alarmed witnesses.

"I was making my way down towards Europa and I heard the car speeding and I said oh boy, he's driving erratically, I better move out of the way and let him see that the citizens are running for their lives," said Vandenberg Village resident Bonnie Lee.

Witnesses said the suspect fled on foot from his vehicle in a neighbor's backyard.

"He's over here at this park and the cops are pulling their guns and then he has to lay down and then there are some shots fired about six shots,"
said Lee.

The sheriff’s office said they’re investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Investigators are not releasing many details right now but adding those deputies involved did not require medical attention on scene.

"The circumstances surrounding the officer-involved shooting are still under investigation, so we won't have any details of that for quite some time," said Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office Commander Erik Raney.

Shelter in place orders did go out for people in the nearby area.

Maple High School was locked down for a short time Wednesday afternoon. That lockdown and the shelter in place for people along the 600 block of Mercury Avenue have since been lifted.

Authorities have not identified the suspect. They also have not provided an update on the suspect's condition at this hour.