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Officials urge preparedness as heavy rain pounds Central Coast

Posted at 10:35 PM, Mar 09, 2023

The latest storm has caused disruption up and down the state of California.

Officials continue to urge preparedness and caution as more rounds of rain hit the Central Coast.

“Water’s unpredictable. It’s coming from all these different places,” said Nicolas Lopez who is an RV Tech at Sky River RV in Pismo Beach, which was inundated with feet of water during the January 9th storm.

This time, they were not taking any chances.

“We lost our shop and our service department last month when the retaining wall broke,” explained Lopez.

Employees spent almost the entire day moving RVs off the lot and onto higher ground.

“We started this morning and we probably stopped around 5:30,” said Lopez. “We had about five trucks running. So, everyone was just hooking it to a trailer and taking it to its destination on higher ground.”

A total of 96 RVs were relocated along with tools and any valuable items.

In Downtown San Luis Obispo, public works crews were putting up concrete barriers at the intersection of Higuera and Marsh Streets.

The barriers are meant to keep San Luis Obispo Creek from overflowing and flooding nearby streets and businesses.

The intersection as well as freeway on-and-off ramps closed Thursday afternoon, causing traffic backups on Highway 101.

“We’re hoping that people stay home if they can. If they do need to travel, just take the necessary precautions to get where they’re going safely,” said CHP Spokesperson Miguel Alvarez.

The California Highway Patrol issued a rare alert on Thursday urging people to stay home and avoid travel unless absolutely necessary.

“I’d say for the Highway Patrol, they’re pretty rare. It’s not something we put out very often where we’re requesting the public stay home,” explained Alvarez.

The alert was last issued ahead of January ninth’s storm which wreaked havoc on our region.

“With the storm coming in and some of the experiences we had recently, we just think it’s the best move,” said Alvarez.

The CHP has more officers on patrol to respond to crashes and other emergencies.