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One in ten thousand chance: triplet girls born on the Central Coast

Paisley, Parker and Kinsley's name plates in the NICU
Posted at 1:19 PM, Apr 22, 2022

It’s only a one in ten thousand chance but last week, a set of triplets made their arrival on the Central Coast at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo.

Mom Alex Galindo and dad Eric Gruber have a lot on their hands now with the addition of triplets Paisley, Kinsley, and Parker. They were welcomed on April 13, via c-section at 31 weeks. The naturally occurring set includes two identical and one fraternal.

With her hands full holding two of the triplets in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), Alex said, “it’s amazing… I am going to cry. It’s a blessing, you never expect to have triplets and I feel super lucky.”

Alex Galindo with two of her Triplets

The couple from Arroyo Grande documented the whole journey on the streaming platform TikTok where, as of April 22, more than 140,000 followers have awaited updates. Their account “we made triplets” has amassed over 2 million likes.

Father to the girls, Eric Gruber, told us, "I feel blessed, very excited to be a girl dad. They are all healthy and strong and things are going better than we ever hoped for.”

This is the first set of triplets delivered at the medical center since 2020. The level 3 NICU is prepared to care for babies born at less than 32 weeks or with additional health needs.

Emily Hosford oversees the NICU and helped to get everyone involved prepared for their arrival. She said, “Each infant receives their own respiratory therapist and nurse at delivery and making sure we have the beds prepped and ready to go so it went smoothly.”

Gruber added, "We have heard that the NICU nurses here are some of the best for multiples in the country and I can feel that when I am in the room and I feel like they are in good hands.”

Mom and dad have visited the girls every day since they were born but are excited to bring them home to meet the rest of their family as well as 4-year-old big brother Jackson.

One of the three triplets at the Sierra Vista Medical Center NICU

In just a few days, their family doubled in size.

Galindo said, “I feel complete, my family is complete, the next big milestone is bringing them home.”

The family has already been invited to the yearly NICU graduates reunion held annually for families and children who started life in the unit to catch up with the nurses and doctors involved.