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Pacheco Elementary students learn about government during visit from Congressman Salud Carbajal

Posted at 5:00 PM, Oct 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-04 23:02:08-04

The students at Pacheco Elementary School had the chance to meet a special surprise guest after learning about the branches of government throughout the past few weeks.

Representative Salud Carbajal visited the San Luis Obispo-based school to talk about his position in politics to first- and third-grade students.

During his time there, Carbajal read with first-grade students for half an hour. He then visited the third-grade classes in the Pacheco library to answer any questions they had about his role in the U.S. government.

One student says she learned a lot about how big the government is thanks to Carbajal’s lesson.

“Before when we started studying it, I didn't know I only knew about the president because we've talked about that since kinder...for a while. I knew they were others, but I didn't know what they did and how the bills and laws got made,” said third-grade student Reese Brinkman.

Another student thought about how difficult it must be to work in politics and create all of the laws that run through Capitol Hill.

“I think it would be really hard work and it would be really hard,” said third-grade student Sofia Rueda.

Pacheco Elementary School hopes connecting the children with Carbajal will help them understand the government-related curriculum for years to come.